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When building a new home and selecting that perfect floor plan, you have to envision your family in that space, and how you would make it all your own. At CareFree Homes, we go the extra step to ensure you get full insight into our homes with our Matterport 3D virtual tours of our decorated models. Now you can virtually visit our decorated models in El Paso, Texas and St. George, Utah from the comfort of your own house. But don’t forget that there is nothing like seeing the real thing, so we encourage you to also come visit our models centers.

El Paso Virtual Decorated Model Home Tours

Avalon Model by CareFree Homes

Avalon Model

The Belize Model by CareFree Homes

Belize Model

Cambridge Model

Carmel Model

Franklin Model

Horizon Model

CareFree Homes El Paso

Marbella Model

Spirit Model

St. George and Surrounding Areas Virtual Decorated Model Home Tours

CareFree Homes Utah

Freedom Model

The Triumph II Model by CareFree Homes

Triumph II Model

St. George Design Studio

CareFree Home Design Studio Photo

Design Studio